What is Methamphetamine? ‘Meth’ is a synthetic stimulant that can be created by using common over-the-counter medications and other dangerous chemicals. These chemicals often result in explosions, chemical burns, and poisoning. There are many ways that it can be made that do not require a proper laboratory, which also makes it one of the easier and cheaper drugs to obtain. Some of these ingredients are pseudoephedrine, anhydrous ammonia, hydrochloric acid, acetone, and a long list of other fatal chemicals. ‘Meth’ affects the dopamine receptors in our brains. Dopamine is the ‘reward’ chemical that our brain releases from things such as chocolate, sex, and food that causes a general feeling of euphoria.

#1. You too can lose all your teeth!

‘Meth Mouth’ is a real thing that causes teeth to break, crumble, blacken, rot, and more. Meth is a highly acidic drug that along with dry mouth will cause severe tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. It also causes users to crave high-calorie, sugary beverages and snacks. And don’t forget all the jaw-clenching and teeth-grinding that it also fuels!

#2. Have a heart attack while still in your 20’s!

The physiological effects of ‘Meth’ cause your blood pressure to skyrocket, rapid heartbeat, stroke, and more. It causes severe strain on our central nervous system and medications used to counteract these problems will not work while using methamphetamine.

#3. Look like you are 50 when you are only 27?!

The slang term ‘speed’ is called that for a reason. It speeds up the aging process on a cellular level. The more continued use, the more it physically ages you.

#4. Feeling lonely?

Create your own invisible community through psychosis and paranoia! Too much dopamine can cause an imbalance in your brain that will create mood swings, delusions, and paranoia that people are trying to harm you. ‘Meth’ bypasses the part of our brain that regulates our impulse control and reasoning capabilities.

#5. What’s sexier than open sores on your malnourished body?!

‘Meth’ can cause your skin to turn a lovely shade of greenish-gray due to severe malnourishment from extended periods of not eating. It is known to cause a sensory feeling of ‘bugs crawling’ all over you. Your vision becomes so impaired that you will obsess over any blemish, bump, or pore on your body. Then, comes the fun part- picking at your skin and actually creating open wounds. With your immune system failing as a reaction to the extended drug use, it becomes almost impossible to heal while using.

These are just a few of the things that your body and mind go through when using methamphetamine of ANY form. This is a serious and deadly addiction.

If you or a loved one is currently going through this and ready to make a fresh start please reach out for professional help. You can reach out to us at Tarzana Recovery Center or NoHo Recovery to help you find the right facility- Even if it is not one of ours, our skilled addiction and mental health crises team will help you find the right fit. Life is short, be happy.