Why Aftercare is essential for long-term sobriety

Aftercare is a key component of addiction and mental health treatment for long-term recovery. It means staying in contact with a care provider and continuing treatment after one has graduated from a recovery program. Just because you have left treatment does not mean that you are cured. Addiction is a disease. After recovering from Cancer […]

5 Signs a loved one is suffering from addiction

What is the meaning of the word addiction? Oxford’s Dictionary defines it as ‘the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity’. This is a disease (Yes! I said disease!) that causes damage to our mental health, physical health, and abilities to function in day-to-day life. Addiction takes over our […]

5 Fun Facts about Meth!

What is Methamphetamine? ‘Meth’ is a synthetic stimulant that can be created by using common over-the-counter medications and other dangerous chemicals. These chemicals often result in explosions, chemical burns, and poisoning. There are many ways that it can be made that do not require a proper laboratory, which also makes it one of the easier […]

How to know if You Need a Medical Detox

You should NEVER try and detox yourself without consulting a medical professional Medical Detox may sound frightening, but it is in fact the safest and least traumatic way to get sober. Doctors help alleviate most all discomfort associated with this process. Not all substances require a ‘Medical Detox’, but a couple of them are life-threatening […]