Therapy is one of the most important parts of the recovery process. There are many types of Therapy that we offer here at Tarzana Recovery Center.


Acupuncture is well known as a traditional eastern medicine that originated in China and has been in use for the last 3,000 years. It has been proven to have many different benefits to our bodies. It involves using small, thin needles inserted throughout the human body on specific points (our meridians) to give us a sense of flow and balance (also known as our ‘Chi’). Acupuncture can relieve everything from stress, and drug withdrawal to natural pain relief. It has been medically verified and recognized as a holistic healing approach.


Breathwork is a practice that is thousands of years old. There are many ways of using your breathing for a healing and mindful experience. All meditation, yoga, Native American shamans, Buddhists, and many more all use breathwork as an integral part of their belief systems. It teaches a way to link the mind and the body together. It promotes calmness and helps to release pain and trauma. It has even been proven to repair the pathways in the brain that we damage from using. We bring in only the most experienced professionals for this holistic approach to healing.


Reiki healing is an eastern holistic healing technique originating from Japan that works by using our ‘Life Force Energy’ in a physical and spiritual way. ‘Rei’ means ‘Universal Life’, and ‘Ki’ means ‘Energy’ in Japanese. Reiki is used to alleviate stress and promote a general feeling of relaxation. It is a hands-on (or off, depending on each individual’s preference) way to stimulate energy flow and remove any negativity surrounding our bodies. Reiki can also teach us how to ground ourselves in times of distress.


Massage therapy can be used as a therapeutic treatment for everything from sports injuries and pain relief to promoting healthy blood flow throughout our body and our lymphatic
systems. It can reduce nerve pain by relaxing our muscles, tissues, and tendons. When we stop using a substance, our muscles tense up and we can finally feel the pain that we have been numbing ourselves from. There are many benefits of massage when we are trying to heal our minds and bodies.


Yoga is a practice that was created in India that links our mind, body, and spirit. It is a holistic approach to help with everything from stress and trauma to healing physical injuries. Yoga has been proven medically to aid in physical therapy and is recommended by most doctors. Yoga uses breathing techniques in conjunction with different types of physical poses. This is an ancient form of meditation and has innumerable benefits for the mind and body.


A Psychiatrist, by definition, is a doctor who has gone through not only medical training but psychiatric training as well. It is medically recognized worldwide as the most effective way to address and heal mental and emotional problems that we face in life. Our psychiatrists work hand in hand with our doctors, therapists, and case managers to address any kind of mental health or emotional trauma that you may be going through. We approach this with counseling and medications to assist you in dealing with any issues that you may be suffering from.


We offer intense individual therapy with our specially trained staff here at Tarzana Recovery Center. Most substance issues are related to an underlying mental health issue. We try to ‘self-medicate’ without realizing that we are doing it. TRC has the staff and ability to cater to whatever type of individualized therapy style that works best for you. When we don’t address the underlying reasons for our substance abuse, we are destined to relapse. Repeating the same actions over and over and expecting a different result is the actual definition for Insanity. We know that you are not ‘crazy’, this is a disease. A disease of the mind. Let our experienced psychiatrists and therapists help you work through these things with patience, love, and empathy.


Group therapy is a key part of the healing process. Learning to share, listen, and interact with other people in a group setting helps you heal in a different way than individual therapy does. Working through situations as a group can help you identify other points of view and learn how to listen. It assists in developing relationships with others who have been through similar situations. Sometimes peer advice can be more insightful than the clinicians. Our skilled group leaders are there to mediate and let you grow as a family. We offer many types of group therapy such as art therapy, trauma therapy, equine therapy, relapse prevention, health and wellness groups, process groups and more.


Family therapy is a necessary tool when on a path to recovery. It helps us see the interpersonal issues with our family members and loved ones. We address these in a safe and therapeutic environment. Most people don’t realize how much their words and actions can affect a loved one who is struggling with mental health/substance abuse difficulties. These strategies and communication skills can really improve the family dynamic.


Trauma therapy can be approached in individual and in group settings. Here we do both. Everyone has trauma. We use different types of psychotherapy to address these issues. Trauma can affect us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We help people process these events in a safe and supportive setting. Our specially trained therapists teach healthy coping strategies and routes to better mental health.


All clients are monitored 24 hours a day by doctors and nurses who are specially trained and licensed in addiction medicine. You will never be without a medical professional in our facility. They will be constantly monitoring your progress and discussing it with you and your recovery team. Gone are the days of having to quit ‘cold turkey’ your addiction and suffering needlessly. We take the fear of detoxing away. We make it as comfortable and painless as possible.


Music Therapy is a medically recognized type of therapy that proves extremely effective in substance abuse/mental health treatment. The vibrations and sounds can help alleviate stress and anxiety by naturally lowering our blood pressure. It helps physically by decreasing muscle tension and aids with chronic pain. We offer listening, writing, and learning to play music in our innovative professional music studio that is available to all clients. Music has always been one of the most soothing ways to relieve the strain of everyday life.


Equine Therapy is one of our favorite and most therapeutic types of healing that we offer. Animal and human bonding has been used in a medically therapeutic setting for over 1,500 years. This is not a new technology. It is used for emotional, physical, and occupational advancement in people suffering from depression, stress, PTSD to people with traumatic brain injury, and more. The connection that we feel with an animal is different than our experiences with other people. Animals have no agenda, no bias, no judgment. They teach us to trust and to communicate. Horses are used most often due to the quickness in which they bond with us.


Art Therapy is a tool used to learn how to process feelings without having to discuss them like you would in a normal verbal therapy session. It is a way of working through trauma and severe stressors in a creative and symbolic way. We use art as an outlet through painting, collage, etc. The symbolism used in this method can help the brain remove feelings of loneliness and help with becoming more self-aware. It enhances the ability to express yourself and therefore raises communication skills and self-esteem.


Taking care of your physical health helps your state of mind more than people know. The mind and body are connected in a way that is beyond our realization. When we become stressed, our body will physically break down and we become sick. Here, we have trained dieticians and physical therapists to help you become better physically while also working on your mental health.


Have you been to residential treatment before? Does it make you feel trapped? Do you feel stuck when you are ill even in your own home? Most facilities make you feel isolated and contained. This is great for the moment but how do you go back to normal life after that? We offer supervised outings when you are medically cleared to alleviate the feeling of ‘cabin fever’. We are minutes from beautiful Malibu beach, movie theaters, restaurants, and many other southern California experiences. We integrate recovery and normal life to give you a well-rounded understanding of yourself and your addiction.


Relapse prevention shows our clients how to implement all the coping techniques that they have learned in therapy and treatment. The main goal of these groups is to be able to return to normal life with the tools to redirect negative or harmful thoughts. We give them the resources to aid them in making better life choices.


12-step meetings have been what most recovery facilities have been based on for years. It gives you an opportunity to learn about yourself and become accountable. It teaches you to acknowledge your past mistakes and resentments. We bring the 12-step meetings to you and once you are medically cleared, we take you to outside meetings as well. We aid you in finding an appropriate sponsor if you decide that you want to take the 12-step approach to your recovery. It is all up to you.


Have you tried 12-step? Did it fail you? Not everybody is the same and so not everyone’s approach to treatment should be the same. We offer an alternative to 12-step. There is another way. We have meetings based on a therapeutic/cognitive-behavioral method of regenerating your whole self. We provide a multitude of support group options. We can make sure that you are getting the support that you need.


We keep a professional personal chef in our house for all meals. They are trained in nutrition and recovery-based meals. If your body is not healthy, how can you heal your mind? You don’t have to worry about anything besides rebuilding yourself. We cater to all food allergies and dietary requests. Are you vegan? Are you Gluten-Free? It does not matter; we customize everything for you.

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