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Come to Tarzana Recovery Center and recover in comfort with all the luxurious amenities you could ever want in a quiet and beautiful home. We employ a wide array of professional clinicians, so you have one-on-one guidance whenever you need it. A personal chef prepares delicious and healthy meals daily. Medical staff is always present 24/7 to make sure you detox with relaxation and ease. Step away from your stressful life in a confidential and intimate environment. Rest poolside in the beautiful California sun and benefit from the natural serotonin and calmness it provides.


If you or someone you love tried to quit drugs or alcohol and found it impossible, detox might be the right thing to do.


Have you been looking for a peaceful place to focus on your recovery? You will get all of the help and treatment you need here at TRC.


Stopping your substance use and completing rehab is only the first step of your journey. Let us help you develop a structured plan for continued recovery.

A healthy happy LIFE IS POSSIBLE

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Send us a message and a recovery specialist will respond as soon as possible. All messages are confidential.

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