Get clean and sober safely. 

If you or someone you love has tried to quit abusing drugs or alcohol or even cut back and found it impossible, then detox is the right thing to do.

Detox can be intimidating- even a bit scary. However, at our facility, with our trained staff, we can make detox easier than it would be otherwise. When you’re at our detox, you’ll be watched over by experienced medical professionals.  They’ve helped so many people through every step of the detox process. Now, they can do the same for you. From the moment you begin the detox process, we’ll provide medical monitoring of your symptoms. So, if you experience any withdrawal symptoms, they can be there to help you through them.  The first stages of life without drugs or alcohol can be extremely hard. With on-hand, immediate support, they can be just a bit easier. Detox can and should be a fresh start. Done properly, it can provide you a foundation for the rest of your life. 

The first step towards the life that you want to live can be right here at Tarzana Recovery Center. 

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